In a world of “cookie cutter” website templates, we still believe there is nothing better than a fully customized design. Companies that specialize in designing sites do all of the heavy-lifting for you, while allowing your business to retain a unique online presence. At Destiny, we set up a creative session to discover what your business is all about. This includes getting a handle on who your unique customers really are, because they are the targets of your site’s appeal. We ask you about your goals, processes, and existing sales patterns. Do you need a site for branding purposes? Is it going to be an eCommerce tool that requires integration? Bringing in a design specialist can alleviate the headaches of advertising yourself online. We can build the features that you are looking for and make it easy to manage at the same time. You would be surprised at the relatively low cost of choosing a custom design over the “out of the box” templates that are available.

Custom websites include more than simply the appearance. The functionality of the site is just as important as how the information is professionalwebdesignbeing displayed. You can actually save time and money by avoiding trying to squeeze everything that you want and need into a template. This way, your site does exactly what you want it to the first time.

Take some time to brainstorm the purpose of your web-presence. What are you trying to accomplish? Then contact one of our designers and we will translate your wishes into a fully functioning website. In the ever-changing online world this can seem like a daunting task, but we like to make the experience fun! If you have the proper guide, this process can be exciting instead of stressful. Trying to build a website on your own can be overwhelming. You wouldn’t attempt to climb Mount Everest without the help of Sherpas, would you? So, don’t take on this challenge without the help of knowledgeable partner.

Lastly, websites are like cars… you can tell at first glance that it was built ten years ago vs. today. The styles change as often as automobile trends. Your customers will make up their minds within the first 3 seconds if you are worth doing business with. If your website looks like it was made in the 90’s or if your neighbor’s kid created it, they will click off and look elsewhere. However, if you are wanting a fresh, unique, and beautiful design; then a custom designed site is the way to go.

Why Choose a Custom Designed Website?