The future of Facebook marketing is bright, but always changing. If you fbwant to see the future of the internet, pay attention to Facebook. According to Jordan Banks, who is the managing director of Facebook Canada, the company is planning on moving away from a single application that tries to do everything. They are developing an array of apps that are easier to use for their members. This doesn’t just involve applications like Messenger that keep people in touch, but apps that also make advertising more consumer friendly and cost effective.

Algorithms are used to direct your business ads to relevant audiences, but those algorithms are constantly updating each year. Sometimes they can change 3 to 4 times in a given twelve months. With each change, you will be able to better pinpoint who your advertisements reach. However, very few marketing companies are actually on the front-lines of this universe. You need to find experts that can help you navigate this space to make sure your ROI remains effective.

The management team at Facebook is also adamant that the Sell Button will soon play an important role on the network. It won’t be long until businesses are selling a majority of their products straight from Facebook itself. So, it is extremely important to have a marketing team that is devoted to keeping on top of the many changes to come. At Destiny Media, we are determined to stay ahead of the pack and ensure your business gets the results it deserves.

Future of Facebook Ads